friends r my lifesavers

i used to be very persuasive and put so much time into telling them why i was the perfect fit and why i had so much passion, but now its harder to put in the effort to sell myself. 

kitchen kitten

today i just let myself eat and do whatever i wanted in the kitchen and i made gluten free fried okra and fish and a bacon spinach frittata and it felt really amazing to experiment and shut off my brain and just let my desires guide me.  and there was no work, just play and free time. 

my body has been hurting for so long and today i took a step towards myself and doing something and got a massage from a friend of a friend and they gave me hawthorn hibiscus tea and i cried lying on my back at the end because i felt so amazing and free and open and tonight i played bells through microphones and pedals while yarra played metal riffs on their guitar and we sang i am nothing i am more then you’ll ever know in a round and it was so beautiful.  and i feel like i’m getting nothing done and have no desire to work even as i work myself into the ground. but i am still finding moments to ground myself and free myself in the cracks between the times when i feel crazy and lost and numb and hurt. 


Land and Water Shells.

Arthur Mee, ed. The Children’s Encyclopedia, vol. 9 (London: The Educational Book Company, no date).

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olympia is like a bizarre version of high school

"i’m a free witch i have nooooooooo guilt"